ConfIdence Box

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We like to keep an element of mystery in our boxes. After all, this is a great gift option for a loved one and nobody enjoys a spoiler right?

With that said, the pictures shown below highlight examples of what you might find in our ConfIdence Box.

Here are a few examples of those items:


- Interactive daily journal to spur creativity

- Motivational poster to hold yourself accountable for goal-achievement

- Gratitude journal to motivate yourself through renewed optimism and gratitude

Stress Management:

- Essential oils to calm your brain activity and increase memory

- Book on changing negative self-talk into positive self-reinforcement

- Herbal tea to relax your physically and mentally in a healthy manner

In the past, we have also included guided letters to your future self and affirmation cards.

In every box you can expect a greeting letter from our team explaining our inspiration behind your box!

We hope you enjoy what you'll find inside and are always listening to suggestions on possible additions to the box.

Please Note:

We are now fulfilling orders on a rolling basis!  If you order our ConfIdence Box, please expect it around one week after placing your order.